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Hello everyone who is reading this! My name is Paul Silano Jr and this is going to be my new personal blog! I’m very excited to start writing about many different topics and displaying my thoughts with many others.

A little background on me, I’m currently 20 years old and a junior at Florida Atlantic University. I am studying Multimedia Journalism as my major, and Hospitality and Tourism Management as a minor. I love to travel, watch sports, watch movies, and go on adventures. I’m currently a contributor with the Sportster. I will also be starting the Disney College Program in August, to start my journey to my dream job as a reporter.

Many blogs may focus on specific topics, but I want this blog to be more fun. My blog is going to consist of anything that happens in pop culture, sports culture, and any other events that are going on. I will also be sharing my experiences at Disney as a guest and a cast member.

I hope all my viewers enjoy my blog as I am very excited to present my ideas with you all! epcot

Paul’s Picks Quarantine Edition: Week Three

It’s refreshing to know Week Two is over, especially after the long list of injuries that were suffered last week. Unfortunately, with an altered training camp and no preseason, injuries will happen as a lot of these players have been tackling or tackled for the first time two weeks ago.

Aside from the injuries, it was a fun slate of games. Eight of the games finished within one possession, and we had a handful of game winners. Now, it would be nice if we could have an exciting week like that again, aside from the injuries.

In Week Two, I went 12-4 on my picks. Currently on the year I stand at 22-10. Not a bad start for the 2020 season.

Jacksonville Jaguars 34, Miami Dolphins 24

The battle of the Sunshine State takes place on Thursday Night Football, and it should be a more eventful game than expected. Neither defense is all that, especially now that the Dolphins will be taking the field without Byron Jones, so it should be a high scoring game. Jacksonville is averaging over 28 points a game, against two pretty good defenses. Now they get one without their best defender, which should allow for a big game on the ground by James Robinson, and an opportunity for Gardner Minshew to attack in the passing game.

Pittsburgh Steelers 24, Houston Texans 16

Did you know that the Texans haven’t had a wide receiver score this season yet? Well, that’s a problem. Clearly the Texans are struggling without star wide receiver, DeAndre Hopkins. It’s not going to get any better this week, as they play a vicious, and well balanced defense of the Steelers. This game could get ugly, but DeShaun Watson plays well enough to keep this game close. Unfortunately, it’s not enough as Pittsburgh is too talented on both sides of the ball, and grabs the victory.

Cincinnati Bengals 24, Philadelphia Eagles 21

I really don’t mean to be a hater when I type this, but I just don’t see the Eagles struggles ending anytime soon. Philadelphia loses Jalen Reagor this week, which just limits the number of weapons they have on offense. Joe Burrow proved last week just how dominant he can be, and I believe this is where he comes up with his statement victory. It might not be easy, it might look ugly at times on both sides of the field, but right now I have more confidence in Joe Burrow than Carson Wentz.

New York Giants 27, San Francisco 49ers 17

The NFC East is going to have some fun upsets this weekend, and the Giants add to the list. If the 49ers were healthy, I would pick them to win, but they’re easily the most beat up team in the NFL right now. We’ve seen some good football before from Nick Mullens, but I like what Daniel Jones has proven this season. Now he has an opportunity to take advantage of a hurt team, and score some points against a beat up secondary.

New England Patriots 30, Las Vegas Raiders 20

Maybe I’m not in love with the Raiders yet, or maybe they’re just not as good as we think. They played an excellent game against the Saints, but I think that might say more about the Saints now than it does the Raiders. The Patriots defense, which was top in the league last year, certainly struggled against Russell Wilson. But, it is Russell Wilson after all. The important thing is Cam Newton has played really well, and that defense will have a nice bounce back win as they return to Foxboro.

Tennessee Titans 34, Minnesota Vikings 17

Who would’ve thought the Vikings could be this bad? Their secondary looks atrocious, and now they’ve lost Anthony Barr, which comes at the wrong time with Derrick Henry in town. Eventually the Vikings will bounce back, but not yet. Derrick Henry should have a huge game against a now depleted run defense, and we already know what we need to know about the Vikings secondary. Expect a big day all throughout for the Titans.

Cleveland Browns 27, Washington Football Team 20

We all had some fun poking at the Browns after they were destroyed Week One, but they came back and looked like a better football team last week against the Bengals. The biggest thing for them this week will be protecting Baker Mayfield. The strength of this Washington team comes from their defensive line, and if they can hit home, they’re going to haunt you. They will certainly get their hits on Baker, but I believe he has a strong outing and is able to spread the field and come up with a win.

Los Angeles Rams 24, Buffalo Bills 20

No one would’ve marked this as a big game prior to the season, but this might be the most exciting game played on Sunday. Of course there were high expectations for the Bills, primarily because Tom Brady has left the division, but there was a lot of uncertainty with the Rams. So far they’ve beaten up on two solid teams, and have the ability to win on all three phases of the game. It’s going to be really close, but I like Sean McVay’s ability to move this offense quick and keep it at a good tempo.

Atlanta Falcons 33, Chicago Bears 20

Realistically, this is a game the Bears should win. Trubisky struggled against a Giants defense, and while the Falcons defense has been awful, the Falcons offense has not. It was a heart breaker for Falcons fans last week as they had a 99.9% chance to win, and still lost. Expect a come back win this week, as Matt Ryan and the Falcons offense should be firing on all cylinders, even without Julio Jones.

Los Angeles Chargers 20, Carolina Panthers 13

What is a Panthers team without Christian McCaffrey? Well, we’re about to find out. Justin Herbert will get his second start due to a chest injury involving Tyrod Taylor, and I expect him to be the second rookie quarterback to get his first win this week. The Chargers nearly took down the reigning Super Bowl champs, so this is a much better matchup for them. The Chargers secondary should be able to hold D.J. Moore and Robby Anderson in check, while Herbert should find success through the air against a weak Panthers secondary.

Indianapolis Colts 31, New York Jets 6

Who is the Jets #1 receiver this week, seriously? This team is beat up, as if they weren’t bad enough already. Sam Darnold can pull all of the magic tricks out of his hat this week, but it won’t matter. The Colts looked much better last week, and should see a heavy dose of Jonathan Taylor in the run game. There’s not a doubt that the Colts succeed in all three phases of the game, leading this to be a blow out.

Seattle Seahawks 42, Dallas Cowboys 34

Even with the news that Trevon Diggs will play Sunday for the Cowboys, doesn’t change the fact that this Seahawks offense should be able to move the ball right along. So far, the Cowboys defense has been far from promising. They’re beat up, and getting torn apart in the passing game. Russell Wilson has a very good chance of eclipsing 500 yards through the air in this game, that’s how bad it can get. The Cowboys can certainly score points, but they’re far from perfect, as they turned the ball over three times last Sunday. Those little details take you out of high scoring games like this one.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27, Denver Broncos 9

It certainly hasn’t been the start Tom Brady would’ve wanted in a Buccaneers uniform. Currently, he has a 64.8 completion percentage with three touchdowns and three interceptions through the first two games. However, Denver doesn’t look too hot either. With Drew Lock and Courtland Sutton out this week, it would take a miracle for the Broncos to win this game. Brady locks in and improves with the offense, as they look more complete in Sunday’s victory.

Arizona Cardinals 35, Detroit Lions 24

My oh my, this Cardinals team has looked fantastic. Every season there’s that one team that completely shatters expectations, and the Cardinals are looking like that team very early on. Kyler Murray looks great, the offense is moving the ball well, and it’s the perfect disaster for the Lions to start the season 0-3. Kenny Golladay is expected to return this week which is a plus, but the Lions just haven’t looked good. They might look better offensively, but Kyler Murray has another huge performance.

Green Bay Packers 38, New Orleans Saints 27

Maybe the most disappointing part of the 2020 season, has been the New Orleans Saints. Even if Michael Thomas can return to play this week, that doesn’t negate Drew Brees’ awful play to start the season. Someone who thrived off the deep ball, now can’t throw it. On the other side, the Packers have looked fantastic. Aaron Rodgers could be a sleeper MVP candidate, and Aaron Jones is running the ball really well. Last week we saw this Saints defense isn’t invincible, and we’re going to see more of the same this week.

Baltimore Ravens 33, Kansas City Chiefs 30

The game of the week, on Monday Night Football. Truthfully, this game has potential to be like the Rams-Chiefs game back in 2018, that’s how good of a matchup this is. I believe both defenses will have their time to shine in this week, which is why I don’t think it will be as high of a score. At the end of the day, I think the Ravens have the best defense in football, and it’ll show at crucial times in this game. We saw the Chargers hold the Chiefs to 23 points, and while the Ravens won’t do just that, they have the talent to make those crucial third down stops, which will allow Justin Tucker to prove who is the best kicker in the NFL.

Fantasy Football Picks

Sleeper Starts

QB: Baker Mayfield

RB: James Robinson

WR: Marquez Valdes-Scantling

TE: Austin Hooper

D/ST: Indianapolis Colts

K: Younghoe Koo

Stay Away

QB: Drew Brees

RB: Clyde Edwards-Helaire

WR: Robby Anderson

TE: Darren Waller

D/ST: Baltimore Ravens

K: Jake Elliott

Paul’s Picks Quarantine Edition: Week Two

We got to watch an incredible slate for football Week One, and the best thing is, there’s still 16 more weeks of football in the regular season.

Some teams are panic, while others might be shocked with how their team performed Week One. I mean, who would’ve ever predicted the Washington Football Team to lead the NFC East? I guess that’s 2020 for ya.

Week One is usually crazy, which is why each team has 16 games. Luckily I managed to go 10-6 with my first week of picks.

So, which crazy upsets do we have this week?

Cleveland Browns 28, Cincinnati Bengals 17

Few people would’ve predicted the Browns to defeat the Ravens, but I don’t think anyone expected them to play as poorly as they did. Unfortunately, the Ravens destroyed them in every way possible. But, the Bengals also lost too, so this is anyone’s ball game. Despite a disaster in Week One, I believe the Browns bounce back immediately. This team is too talented to get beaten up by a young Bengals team. The offensive line improves, Baker Mayfield gets the ball to his receivers, and the run game has more space to work with.

Jacksonville Jaguars 20, Tennessee Titans 17

UPSET ALERT! Despite my numerous mentions of how bad the Jaguars were going to be, I’m actually going to take them to surprise the world once again. Obviously the Titans struggled, leaving 10 points on the board due to four missed field goals by Stephen Gostkowski, but the team also struggled to run the ball efficiently, or get the ball into AJ Brown’s hands. Well, Brown has a difficult matchup against rookie corner, C.J. Henderson. The defense is good enough to slow down the Titans, and Gardner Minshew is able to spread the ball enough to come up with the upset.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31, Carolina Panthers 20

Last week was as disappointing of a performance as it possibly could be for Tom Brady’s debut as a Buccaneer. The pressure got to him, and the team made countless mistakes. This should be a cleaner game against a very young Panthers defense. Despite giving up 34 points to the Saints, the Buccaneers defense actually played really well. The pressure should get to Teddy Bridgewater, as Brady is able to secure his first win as a Buccaneer in Tampa.

Pittsburgh Steelers 17, Denver Broncos 9

Get ready for a dog fight, because that is exactly what this is going to be. Two strong defenses battling it out. Both offenses had their moments on Monday night, with more bright spots from the Steelers, but neither offense looked as good as expected. The Giants defensive line was able to get to Ben Roethlisberger, and even he struggled to make a lot of throws. I still like the Steelers due to the talent they have on offense, and the not knowing whether or not we’ll see Courtland Sutton take the field on Sunday.

Los Angeles Rams 26, Philadelphia Eagles 21

I wasn’t surprised by the Eagles performance last week, but I was very surprised at how sound the Rams looked. They didn’t do anything special, but the pre-snap motions and dominant offensive line play allowed them to run all over the Cowboys. I see another opportunity for the Rams to grab a win early, as bringing pressure should definitely affect Carson Wentz. Even with the potential return of Miles Sanders and Lane Johnson, I like the team that can control the game better.

San Francisco 49ers 38, New York Jets 9

How can the Jets even put a dent into that 49ers defense without Le’Veon Bell, Denzel Mims, and the lack of talent everywhere? The 49ers didn’t look great against the Cardinals, but they should be able to clean up their act against what can be argued as the league’s worst team. Sam Darnold’s going to be running for his life against this talented defensive front. Even with the 49ers’ secondary being beat up, they should have no problem making up for it in this matchup with a strong performance from their front seven.

Buffalo Bills 23, Miami Dolphins 16

I warned everyone that the Miami-New England game would be closer than expected last week, and this week’s matchup will be even closer than that. The only reason why I can’t see the Dolphins winning this game is the inability to stop the run, and the constant turnovers by Ryan Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick could very well have double digit turnovers in this game as well, which is why Buffalo is still a safe pick.

Minnesota Vikings 24, Indianapolis Colts 20

Both of these teams came up short last week, but it’s hard to determine which one looked worse. The Colts lost to a team that most believed were tanking, and the Vikings allowed over 400 yards through the air to Aaron Rodgers. Well, they both have issues which is why it should be a tight game, but the Vikings were able to win last year even with a weak secondary. The Colts are going to hurt from Philip Rivers’ turnovers, which tend to put the team in a bad place.

Green Bay Packers 28, Detroit Lions 24

Until Kenny Golladay is officially cleared, it’s hard to imagine the Lions win this game. They really struggled to move the ball around last week, and then were destroyed as rookie running back, D’Andre Swift, dropped what would’ve been a go ahead touchdown with less than 10 seconds left. I’ve been a firm believer that Aaron Rodgers is on the back end of his career, but he looked as good as ever last week. I expect them to attack more with the ground game this week, and win in a close one.

Dallas Cowboys 34, Atlanta Falcons 31

It wouldn’t be 2020 if the Cowboys failed to live up to expectations. What many people was one of the best offenses in football, was held to only 17 points last week against the Rams. Not that the Rams defense was all that great, but the Falcons have a lot of holes on defense that the Cowboys should be able to exploit. And the same goes the other way around, as the Cowboys defense looked bad last Sunday. Expect a high scoring nail biter, with the Cowboys finishing on top.

New York Giants 26, Chicago Bears 23

Despite losing by 10 points, the Giants didn’t look all that bad on Monday Night Football. At least not every part of the Giants. The pass rush was certainly getting to Ben Roethlisberger, and the pass game was working. Well, those two things with a better performance from Saquon Barkley should allow the Giants to defeat the Bears. Mitch Trubisky looked much better down the stretch on Sunday, but I still struggle to believe that he’s going to continue to look like that. Daniel Jones gets a big win on the road.

Arizona Cardinals 21, Washington Football Team 13

I’m not going to expect the Washington Football Team to pull back to back upset, although I believe their team is better than most will give them credit for. The Cardinals offensive line will definitely be a liability on Sunday, especially after we saw how Washington attacked Carson Wentz on Sunday. Well for this week, Kyler Murray is much more mobile than Wentz, and has more weapons to get the ball out quicker. Expect a low scoring game, where we get to see Kyler with a lot of pressure coming at him.

Kansas City Chiefs 24, Los Angeles Chargers 10

If the Chargers didn’t have Tyrod Taylor as the quarterback, they might be able to compete for a playoff spot this year in the AFC. Scoring only 16 points against a week Bengals defense was unacceptable last week, so I don’t expect much more this week. Let’s not forget that the Chargers still have a really good defense, which is why I don’t expect the Chiefs to put a ton of points on the board.

Baltimore Ravens 31, Houston Texans 17

Yes, the Texans are not very good. Despite David Johnson looking closer to his prime self last Thursday, the rest of the team struggled. This week they have an even tougher matchup with one of the league’s best teams. Lamar Jackson should be able to run all over the Texans, while DeShaun Watson will probably see a lot of defenders constantly pressuring him. Until the Texans upgrade that offensive line, they won’t be able to compete with top teams in the AFC.

Seattle Seahawks 27, New England Patriots 17

The Seattle Seahawks normally don’t impress me, but they were really good last Sunday. Defensively they were able to hold their own against an explosive offense, and attack the Falcons defense in numerous ways. This is a more difficult opponent as the Patriots have a terrific defense, but I still don’t believe that Cam Newton is the MVP he once was. The country has the chance to see the Seahawks new acquisition in Jamal Adams, and he’s going to have a huge game.

New Orleans Saints 23, Las Vegas Raideers 20

No Michael Thomas? Most would say no problem, but I believe the Raiders could be a problem for New Orleans. It’s the opening of Allegiant Stadium, they have a lot of new pieces, and Drew Brees didn’t look all that impressive last week. I think this game is going to be much closer, but I still believe the better team gets the win.

Fantasy Football Picks

Sleeper Starts

QB: Baker Mayfield

RB: JK Dobbins

WR: Anthony Miller

TE: Jared Cook

D/ST: New Orleans Saints

K: Graham Gano

Stay Away

QB: Ryan Tannehill

RB: Benny Snell

WR: Brandin Cooks

TE: Darren Waller

D/ST: New England Patriots

K: Zane Gonzalez

Paul’s Picks Quarantine Edition: Week One

We can all agree that 2020 has been a bizarre year, but there’s some good news for NFL fans — football is back.

While there’s still some uncertainty whether or not the NFL, or any professional sports league for that matter, can finish an entire season this year, we know we will be watching football in less than 24 hours.

Without training camp, there’s a ton of unknown moving into the 2020 season. That’s why I’m here to help. This year’s edition of Paul’s Picks will have your typical picks with keys to success, along with some help for fantasy football owners who may be uncertain about their lineups each week.

It’s going to be a crazy, unique season, but I can’t wait to help inform and help you along the ride!

Kansas City Chiefs 38, Houston Texans 24

Unlike the shoot out in the 2020 Divisional Round between these two teams, the Chiefs continued to lock up talent as the Texans lost talent. Brandin Cooks is an underrated addition to a team that lost their best receiver, but it won’t be enough to replace the most reliable receiver in the game. The high powered Chiefs offense will roll right through that struggling Texans offense, and make enough stops on defense.

Buffalo Bills 37, New York Jets 13

It’s probably a bit rough for the Jets to get absolutely destroyed to begin the 2020 season, but what did they do to warrant anything more? The team has a bright future after a really strong 2020 draft, but they don’t have the pieces to compete with one of the most talented rosters in football. Stefon Diggs makes his presence known immediately, as the Bills offense racks up a ton of points right away.

Minnesota Vikings 24, Green Bay Packers 17

I’ve said it on Twitter and I will continue to say it again, the Green Bay Packers were the most overrated playoff team in 2020. I agreed with drafting Jordan Love in the first round, but the team went on to draft AJ Dillon in the second opposed to adding a much needed receiver. The lack of receiver options and a strong Vikings run defense will allow Minnesota to give Aaron Rodgers and Co. some serious trouble on Sunday.

Washington Football Team 20, Philadelphia Eagles 13

Yes, the first upset of the year. I wanted to pick the Eagles, but they’re basically in worse shape then they were to finish the 2019 season. Look on the other side, and the Washington Football Team looks a lot better with more experience on offense, and a freak on the defensive line. It’s going to be a hard fought battle, but Dwayne Haskins is able to secure his first signature win.

Baltimore Ravens 30, Cleveland Browns 20

I for one believe the Browns will be much better this season, but this is a really difficult task to begin the season with for the Browns. The Ravens undoubtedly have the most talented roster in the NFL, against a still, very young team in Cleveland. Expect this to be closer than expected, but the Baltimore defense is going to give Baker Mayfield some issues with pressure from the defensive line.

Indianpolis Colts 35, Jacksonville Jaguars 10

I can’t even take the Jaguars seriously, that’s how bad they might be this season. Losing Calais Campbell, Yannick Ngakoue and Leonard Fournette gives me more of a reason to believe this team could actually go 0-16. The Colts on the other hand, are a lot better than they looked last season. We’re going to see a him that wants to run it down the defenses throat and rack up the points.

Las Vegas Raiders 23, Carolina Panthers 20

A lot of fans will probably ignore this game, but this could be a fun matchup. Two teams that added a lot of new faces this offseason. While it will be close, I believe we see an improved Derek Carr with some new weapons in Henry Ruggs III and Bryan Edwards. Although Carolina added a ton of defensive talent in the draft, it might not help reflect the team right away.

Detroit Lions 27, Chicago Bears 16

Yes, we heard about how Mitch Trubisky improved this offseason, but I don’t buy it completely. Then you look at the Lions, and they might be the most overlooked team in the NFL right now. Trubisky is going to have a real tough time throwing against a secondary with Jeff Okudah and Desmond Trufant. Expect the Lions to look much better on both sides of the ball.

Seattle Seahawks 28, Atlanta Falcons 20

Seattle shocked the league when they traded for Jamal Adams, and even though they gave up a ton, it might work out. We know Seattle can do everything on offense, but the question mark has been how can their defense fair. Well, the answer is that they will look much better, and we will get the first glimpse as they slow down a high powered offense.

New England Patriots 21, Miami Dolphins 10

Normally whenever the Patriots and Dolphins play, I’m used to projecting the Patriots to blow them out of the water. But with the number of opt outs they had, the loss of Tom Brady, and the inability to improve the receiver corps, it will be closer than expected. The deciding factor will be Ryan Fitzpatrick struggling against a really good defense, and having double digit turnovers.

Cincinnati Bengals 23, Los Angeles Chargers 16

Are we ready for the emergence of Joe Burrow? Well prepare, because it’s coming this week. Neither of these teams will be very good, but I believe Burrow really changes the Bengals offense. Although Cincinnati’s defense will still be a problem, they fare well against an offense that doesn’t necessarily have an identity. Burrow leads the Bengals down to a go ahead touchdown to secure his first career victory.

San Francisco 49ers 26, Arizona Cardinals 23

Here we have another game that will have a game winner, but maybe a more predictable outcome. I love Arizona, but I’m not sure their defense is ready to compete with the top teams in the NFL yet. Although the 49ers receiving corps is depleted, I’m expecting a huge game from Raheem Mostert. The game will be topped off with a Robbie Gould game winning field goal.

New Orleans Saints 35, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 30

If there’s any game that NFL fans are excited to see, this is the one. Brady vs. Brees. Tom Brady’s first start as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer. It’s going to be epic. As far as the game goes, it’s going to live up to all the hype. Except, Brady’s going to have to wait another week to get his first win as a Buccaneer. Although it will be a high scoring affair, I trust the Saints defense to make the final stop over the Bucs.

Dallas Cowboys 28, Los Angeles Rams 17

Of course I cannot wait to see the Cowboys take the field again, and it will be fun to watch them get the first ever win at SoFi Stadium. I’m very low on the Rams this year, mainly because that offensive line really struggled last season, and I don’t trust Jared Goff whatsoever. It will be competitive, but I believe CeeDee Lamb makes an impact right away. With Jalen Ramsey on Amari Cooper, Lamb will have a stellar debut with a Cowboy victory.

Pittsburgh Steelers 38, New York Giants 20

Let’s be real, the Giants did improve this offseason. But want to know who also improved this offseason? The Pittsburgh Steelers. Gaining Ben Roethlisberger back is huge, as this team nearly made the playoffs last season with Devlin Hodges under center. The Giants offense is really going to struggle against the league’s best defense, and will need to come away with some points in “garbage time.”

Tennessee Titans 27, Denver Broncos 13

Keep Von Miller in your thoughts as he will miss the remainder of the season with an injury. Bronco fans were pumped to finally bounce back after consistent losing seasons, but they’re not going to have the pass rush to turn things around yet. Tennessee killed it this offseason, and the late signing of Jadeveon Clowney should further prove that they’re going to be hard to beat in 2020.

Fantasy Football Picks

Sleeper Starts

QB: Matthew Stafford

RB: Raheem Mostert

WR: Kendrick Bourne

TE: Blake Jarwin

D/ST: Detroit Lions

K: Robbie Gould

Stay Away

QB: Drew Lock

RB: Nick Chubb

WR: Terry McLaurin

D/ST: New Orleans Saints

K: Josh Lambo

Paul Silano’s 2020 Seven-Round Mock Draft

We are under a week from arguably the most anticipated event this spring… the 2020 NFL Draft. There is so much to talk about, as this draft will be the most unique in the history of the draft.

With the ongoing pandemic, the 2020 NFL Draft will be completely virtual. How will this affect it? Well, teams were unable to meet with a lot of these prospects, conduct interviews, or see them at their Pro Days. Unfortunately, a lot of players will hurt.

The good thing is that the draft is going on. So here is my full mock draft. Seven rounds, 255 picks, one draft.

Round 1

Joe Burrow

#1 Joe Burrow – Cincinnati Bengals (QB)

This is a no brainer. Joe Burrow is arguably the best player in the draft, and the Bengals are in need of a quarterback. Burrow heads back home to Ohio.

#2 Chase Young – Washington Redskins (EDGE)

This actually isn’t the biggest need on the board for Washington, but Chase Young is a special type of player. Beware, the Redskins could be building one of the best defensive lines in the NFL.

#3 Jeffrey Okudah – Detroit Lions (CB)

I wanted to go Isaiah Simmons here, but Okudah is the safe pick. The Lions signed Desmond Trufant, but still, need a valid replacement for Darius Slay.

#4 Mehki Becton – New York Giants (OT)

Giants fans won’t love this, because it’s not Isaiah Simmons. As fun as Simmons would be to draft, this is a responsible pick. Protect Daniel Jones and let your young quarterback thrive.

#5 Tua Tagovailoa – Miami Dolphins (QB)

I fully expect a trade up for Tua on draft day, but in this case scenario, the Dolphins go with Tua. As much chatter as there has been about them selecting Herbert, Tua actually becomes the safe pick, despite health concerns.

#6 Justin Herbert – Los Angeles Chargers (QB)

Herbert doesn’t fall off the boards much later, as the Chargers take him with the next pick. They could go flashy with Simmons, but it would be irresponsible with their current quarterback situation.

#7 Isaiah Simmons – Carolina Panthers (LB)

If Matt Rhule wants to impress Panthers fans immediately, he will grab Isaiah Simmons so quick the clock won’t even start for them. A big addition to a struggling defense.

#8 Tristan Wirfs – Arizona Cardinals (OT)

If the Cardinals never traded for DeAndre Hopkins, I would’ve expected CeeDee Lamb to be gone here. Now, it’s about protecting Kyler Murray.

#9 Derrick Brown – Jacksonville Jaguars (DT)

The Jaguars have a lot of needs on defense, but they got the best player available. Nothing wrong with drafting the best defensive tackle.

#10 Andrew Thomas – Cleveland Browns (OT)

Another offensive tackle falls off the board, as the Browns go with Andrew Thomas. Part of Baker Mayfield’s regression came at the fault of the struggling offensive line.

#11 Jedrick Wills – New York Jets (OT)

Jets fans are going to be screaming for CeeDee Lamb, but the team will go with an offensive tackle. With a deep receiver class, they opt to address the position later in the draft.

#12 CeeDee Lamb – Las Vegas Raiders (WR)

Don’t worry, Lamb will come off the board right after. The Raiders need to make some noise on their way to Vegas, and adding the best receiver in the draft will certainly do that.

#13 Henry Ruggs III – San Francisco 49ers (WR)

Kyle Shanahan nearly had a Super Bowl ring before Tyreek Hill pulled it off his finger. Now, Shanahan gets his own speedy threat.

#14 Austin Jackson – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (OT)

This might seem to be a stretch with Austin Jackson, but he has a ton of potential after the first group of offensive tackles is off the board.

#15 Jerry Jeudy – Denver Broncos (WR)

John Elway might’ve finally found his quarterback, but now he needs some weapons. Jeudy is an excellent route runner and should be great on the opposite side of Courtland Sutton.

#16 K’Lavon Chaisson – Atlanta Falcons (EDGE)

Most people are probably expecting C.J. Henderson, but instead, the Falcons decide to solidify their defensive line with another pass rusher. Chaisson has top-five potential.

#17 C.J. Henderson – Dallas Cowboys (CB)

Dallas should be calling about trading down, but if Henderson is there, take him. He’s the perfect replacement for Byron Jones with his athleticism.

#18 Josh Jones – Miami Dolphins (OT)

The Dolphins don’t want to wait until 26 to try to see if an offensive tackle is there. Instead, they take the next best player from that position group to protect Tua.

#19 Javon Kinlaw – Las Vegas Raiders (DT)

I would expect Kinlaw to fall a bit deeper, but Raiders’ defensive line coach, Rod Marinelli, has to be jumping on top of a table if Kinlaw is available.

#20 Xavier McKinney – Jacksonville Jaguars (S)

Over the last few years, the Jaguars have lost a lot of leaders on defense. Now, they add one as they draft the best safety in this class, who is a great leader and extremely versatile.

#21 Justin Jefferson – Philadelphia Eagles (WR)

Don’t be surprised if another team tries to draft Jefferson earlier. In this mock, he’s there and the Eagles take the best receiver available.

#22 Denzel Mims – Minnesota Vikings (WR)

Seeing the Eagles take Jefferson might brighten the Vikings, so they go with Mims right after. Another great receiver who is extremely aggressive.

#23 Jordan Love – New England Patriots (QB)

Unless the Raiders really are interested in Jordan Love, this might be an easy pick for Bill Belichick. Drafting Tom Brady’s replacement without trading draft picks is a huge plus, if it happens.

#24 Kenneth Murray – New Orleans Saints (LB)

I believe that Patrick Queen is actually the better linebacker, but Murray is receiving a lot of love in the NFL, for his play and his personality.

#25 Kristian Fulton – Minnesota Vikings (CB)

Skipping on a cornerback at 22 doesn’t end up hurting them, as they draft the corner of their choice with their next first-round pick.

#26 Zack Baun – Miami Dolphins (EDGE)

The Dolphins finish off their first-round strong, as they add a pass rusher. Baun can not only get after the passer, but he can also drop back in coverage.

#27 Yetur Gross-Matos – Seattle Seahawks (EDGE)

Considering Jadeveon Clowney is still a free agent, an edge rusher is a huge need for the Seahawks. They pick the best one on the board.

#28 Cesar Ruiz – Baltimore Ravens (IOL)

The Ravens could’ve gone linebacker here, but after Marshal Yanda retired, there was a need for an interior offensive lineman. Cesar Ruiz is a fantastic player who is an immediate replacement.

#29 A.J. Epenesa – Tennessee Titans (EDGE)

The Titans take the next edge rusher off the board and leave a huge gap in edge rushers moving forward into the second round. Mike Vrabel continues to build up his defense.

#30 Brandon Aiyuk – Green Bay Packers (WR)

Set off the party horns, Aaron Rodgers has himself another receiver. Brandon Aiyuk is a strong, big-body receiver who is extremely versatile.

#31 Isaiah Wilson – San Francisco 49ers (OT)

The chances of the 49ers staying put at 31 are slim to none, but if they do, they can draft someone like Isaiah Wilson, to move him as an interior offensive lineman.

#32 Jaylon Johnson – Kansas City Chiefs (CB)

If there’s one thing the Chiefs could use, it’s another strong cornerback. Jaylon Johnson’s draft stock has been rising, and he lands into the first round.

Round 2

Trevon Diggs

#33 Ezra Cleveland – Cincinnati Bengals (OT)

#34 Jalen Reagor – Indianapolis Colts (WR)

#35 Ross Blacklock – Detroit Lions (IDL)

#36 Patrick Queen – New York Giants (LB)

#37 A.J. Terrell – Los Angeles Chargers (CB)

#38 Neville Gallimore – Carolina Panthers (IDL)

#39 Grant Delpit – Miami Dolphins (S)

#40 Marlon Davidson – Houston Texans (IDL)

#41 Antoine Winfield Jr. – Cleveland Browns (S)

#42 Trevon Diggs – Jacksonville Jaguars (CB)

#43 Jeff Gladney – Chicago Bears (CB)

#44 Jalen Hurts – Indianapolis Colts (QB)

#45 D’Andre Swift – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (RB)

#46 Noah Igbinoghene – Denver Broncos (CB)

#47 Justin Madubuike – Atlanta Falcons (IDL)

#48 Tee Higgins – New York Jets (WR)

#49 Raekwon Davis – Pittsburgh Steelers (IDL)

#50 Jeremy Chinn – Chicago Bears (S)

#51 Joshua Uche – Dallas Cowboys (EDGE)

#52 Terrell Lewis – Los Angeles Rams (EDGE)

#53 Jordyn Brooks – Philadelphia Eagles (LB)

#54 Damon Arnette – Buffalo Bills (CB)

#55 Willie Gay Jr. – Baltimore Ravens (LB)

#56 Michael Pittman Jr. – Miami Dolphins (WR)

#57 J.K. Dobbins – Los Angeles Rams (RB)

#58 Lloyd Cushneberry III – Minnesota Vikings (IOL)

#59 Lucas Niang – Seattle Seahawks (OT)

#60 K.J. Hamler – Baltimore Ravens (WR)

#61 Davon Hamilton – Tennessee Titans (IDL)

#62 Cameron Dantzler – Green Bay Packers (CB)

#63 Jonathan Taylor – Kansas City Chiefs (RB)

#64 Jonah Jackson – Seattle Seahawks (IOL)

Round 3

Donovan Peoples-Jones

#65 Julian Okwara – Cincinnati Bengals (EDGE)

#66 Matt Hennessy – Washington Redskins (IOL)

#67 Curtis Weaver – Detroit Lions (EDGE)

#68 Robert Hunt – New York Jets (IOL)

#69 Bryce Hall – Carolina Panthers (CB)

#70 – Clyde Edwards-Helaire – Miami Dolphins (RB)

#71 – Prince Tega Wanogho – Los Angeles Chargers (OT)

#72 Malik Harrison – Arizona Cardinals (LB)

#73 Laviska Shenault Jr. – Jacksonville Jaguars (WR)

#74 Akeem Davis-Gaither – Cleveland Browns (LB)

#75 Cole Kmet – Indianapolis Colts (TE)

#76 Chase Claypool – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (WR)

#77 Matthew Peart – Denver Broncos (OT)

#78 Darnay Holmes – Atlanta Falcons (CB)

#79 Jonathan Greenard – New York Jets (EDGE)

#80 Troy Pride Jr. – Las Vegas Raiders (CB)

#81 Kyle Dugger – Las Vegas Raiders (S)

#82 Ashtyn Davis – Dallas Cowboys (S)

#83 Damien Lewis – Denver Broncos (IOL)

#84 Troy Dye – Los Angeles Rams (LB)

#85 Antonio Gibson – Detroit Lions (RB)

#86 Darrell Taylor – Buffalo Bills (EDGE)

#87 Donovan Peoples-Jones – New England Patriots (WR)

#88 Van Jefferson – New Orleans Saints (WR)

#89 Jordan Elliott – Minnesota Vikings (IDL)

#90 Saahdiq Charles – Houston Texans (OT)

#91 Jacob Eason – Las Vegas Raiders (QB)

#92 Rashard Lawrence – Baltimore Ravens (IDL)

#93 Ben Bartch – Tennessee Titans (OT)

#94 Brycen Hopkins – Green Bay Packers (TE)

#95 Logan Wilson – Denver Broncos (LB)

#96 Terrell Burgess – Kansas City Chiefs (S)

#97 Netane Muti – Cleveland Browns (IOL)

#98 Jabari Zuniga – New England Patriots (EDGE)

#99 K’Von Wallace – New York Giants (S)

#100 Adam Trautman – New England Patriots (TE)

#101 Bryan Edwards – Seattle Seahawks (WR)

#102 Jake Fromm – Pittsburgh Steelers (QB)

#103 Amik Robertson – Philadelphia Eagles (CB)

#104 Michael Ojemudia – Los Angeles Rams (CB)

#105 Khalid Kareem – Minnesota Vikings (EDGE)

#106 Bradlee Anae – Baltimore Ravens (EDGE)

Round 4

Kenny Willekes

#107 Nick Harris – Cincinnati Bengals (IOL)

#108 Thaddeus Moss – Washington Redskins (TE)

#109 Alohi Gilman – Detroit Lions (S)

#110 Alex Highsmith – New York Giants (EDGE)

#111 Kenny Willekes – Houston Texans (EDGE)

#112 Cam Akers – Los Angeles Chargers (RB)

#113 K.J. Hill – Carolina Panthers (WR)

#114 Alton Robinson – Arizona Cardinals (EDGE)

#115 Larrell Murchison – Cleveland Browns (IDL)

#116 Darnell Mooney – Jacksonville Jaguars (WR)

#117 Logan Stenberg – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (IOL)

#118 Quartney Davis – Denver Broncos (WR)

#119 Eno Benjamin – Atlanta Falcons (RB)

#120 Hunter Bryant – New York Jets (TE)

#121 Tyler Biadasz – Las Vegas Raiders (IOL)

#122 Shane Lemieux – Indianapolis Colts (IOL)

#123 Devin Duvernay – Dallas Cowboys (WR)

#124 Zack Moss – Pittsburgh Steelers (RB)

#125 Evan Weaver – New England Patriots (LB)

#126 Lynn Bowden – Los Angeles Rams (WR)

#127 Kenny Robinson – Philadelphia Eagles (S)

#128 Darrynton Evans – Buffalo Bills (RB)

#129 Anthony McFarland – Baltimore Ravens (RB)

#130 Josiah Scott – New Orleans Saints (CB)

#131 Albert Okwuegbunam – Arizona Cardinals (TE)

#132 Reggie Robinson II – Minnesota Vikings (CB)

#133 Leki Fotu – Seattle Seahawks (IDL)

#134 Joe Bachie Jr. – Baltimore Ravens (LB)

#135 John Simpson – Pittsburgh Steelers (IOL)

#136 Jason Strowbridge – Green Bay Packers (IDL)

#137 Jonathan Garvin – Jacksonville Jaguars (EDGE)

#138 Ben Bredeson – Kansas City Chiefs (IOL)

#139 Brandon Jones – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (S)

#140 Nick Coe – Jacksonville Jaguars (EDGE)

#141 Gabriel Davis – Miami Dolphins (WR)

#142 Collin Johnson – Washington Redskins (WR)

#143 Quintez Cephus – Atlanta Falcons (WR)

#144 Anfernee Jennings – Seattle Seahawks (EDGE)

#145 Tyler Johnson – Philadelphia Eagles (WR)

#146 Hakeem Adeniji – Philadelphia Eagles (OT)

Round 5

Harrison Bryant

#147 Markus Bailey – Cincinnati Bengals (LB)

#148 Devin Asiasi – Carolina Panthers (TE)

#149 Isaiah Hodgins – Detroit Lions (WR)

#150 James Proche – New York Giants (WR)

#151 Michael Onwenu – Los Angeles Chargers (IOL)

#152 A.J. Dillon – Carolina Panthers (RB)

#153 Josiah Deguara – Miami Dolphins (TE)

#154 McTelvin Agim – Miami Dolphins (IDL)

#155 Davion Taylor – Minnesota Vikings (LB)

#156 Harrison Hand – San Francisco 49ers (CB)

#157 Jack Driscoll – Baltimore Ravens (OT)

#158 Justin Strnad – New York Jets (LB)

#159 David Woodward – Las Vegas Raiders (LB)

#160 James Lynch – Indianapolis Colts (IDL)

#161 James Morgan – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (QB)

#162 Terence Steele – Washington Redskins (OT)

#163 Isaiah Coulter – Chicago Bears (WR)

#164 Cheyenne O’Grady – Dallas Cowboys (TE)

#165 Anthony Gordon – Jacksonville Jaguars (QB)

#166 Shaquille Quarterman – Detroit Lions (LB)

#167 Broderick Washington Jr. – Buffalo Bills (LB)

#168 Derrek Tuszka – Philadelphia Eagles (EDGE)

#169 Geno Stone – New Orleans Saints (S)

#170 Harrison Bryant – Jacksonville Jaguars (TE)

#171 Kyle Murphy – Houston Texans (IOL)

#172 Julian Blackmon – New England Patriots (S)

#173 Tyre Phillips – Miami Dolphins (IOL)

#174 Javelin Guidry – Tennessee Titans (CB)

#175 Bravvion Roy – Green Bay Packers (IDL)

#176 Khalil Davis – San Francisco 49ers (IDL)

#177 Trajan Bandy – Kansas City Chiefs (CB)

#178 J.R. Reed – Denver Broncos (S)

#179 Mykal Walker – Dallas Cowboys (LB)

Round 6

Lamical Perine

#180 Colby Parkinson – Cincinnati Bengals (TE)

#181 Trevis Gipson – Denver Broncos (EDGE)

#182 Keith Ismael – Detroit Lions (IOL)

#183 Lamical Perine – New York Giants (RB)

#184 Antoine Brooks Jr. – Carolina Panthers (S)

#185 John Hightower – Miami Dolphins (WR)

#186 Antonio Gandy-Golden – Los Angeles Chargers (WR)

#187 Javaris Davis – Cleveland Browns (CB)

#188 Juan Jennings – Buffalo Bills (WR)

#189 Joshua Kelley – Jacksonville Jaguars (RB)

#190 Lamar Jackson – Philadelphia Eagles (CB)

#191 Myles Bryant – New York Jets (CB)

#192 Patrick Taylor Jr. – Green Bay Packers (RB)

#193 Ke’Shawn Vaughn – Indianapolis Colts (RB)

#194 Jacob Phillips – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (LB)

#195 Justin Herron – New England Patriots (OT)

#196 Cameron Clark – Chicago Bears (IOL)

#197 D.J. Wonnum – Indianapolis Colts (EDGE)

#198 Tyrie Cleveland – Pittsburgh Steelers (WR)

#199 Tanner Muse – Los Angeles Rams (S)

#200 Solomon Kindley – Chicago Bears (IOL)

#201 Alex Taylor – Minnesota Vikings (IOL)

#202 Raymond Calais – Arizona Cardinals (RB)

#203 Raequan Williams – New Orleans Saints (IDL)

#204 Kevin Dotson – New England Patriots (IOL)

#205 Madre Harper – Minnesota Vikings (CB)

#206 Francis Bernard – Jacksonville Jaguars (LB)

#207 Dalton Keene – Buffalo Bills (TE)

#208 Tyler Clark – Green Bay Packers (IDL)

#209 Dane Jackson – Green Bay Packers (CB)

#210 Kalija Lipscomb – San Francisco 49ers (WR)

#211 Sewo Olonilua – New York Jets (RB)

#212 Nevelle Clarke – New England Patriots (CB)

#213 DeeJay Dallas – New England Patriots (RB)

#214 Dante Olson – Seattle Seahawks (LB)

Round 7

Trevon Hill

#215 Binjimen Victor – Cincinnati Bengals (WR)

#216 Kindle Vildor – Washington Redskins (CB)

#217 Essang Bassey – San Francisco 49ers (CB)

#218 Kamren Curl – New York Giants (CB)

#219 Austin Mack – Minnesota Vikings (WR)

#220 Charlie Taumoepeau – Los Angeles Chargers (TE)

#221 Charlie Heck – Carolina Panthers (OT)

#222 Aaron Parker – Arizona Cardinals (WR)

#223 Colton McKivitz – Jacksonville Jaguars (OT)

#224 Jake Hanson – Tennessee Titans (IOL)

#225 DeMarkus Acy – Baltimore Ravens (CB)

#226 Darius Anderson – Chicago Bears (RB)

#227 Benito Jones – Miami Dolphins (IDL)

#228 Yasir Durant – Atlanta Falcons (IOL)

#229 J.J. Taylor – Washington Redskins (RB)

#230 Omar Bayless – New England Patriots (WR)

#231 A.J. Green – Dallas Cowboys (WR)

#232 Trey Adams – Pittsburgh Steelers (OT)

#233 Michaeel Divinity Jr. – Chicago Bears (LB)

#234 Jared Pinkney – Los Angeles Rams (TE)

#235 Nat Stanley – Detroit Lions (QB)

#236 Cole McDonald – Green Bay Packers (QB)

#237 Michael Warren II – Tennessee Titans (RB)

#238 Trevon Hill – New York Giants (EDGE)

#239 Kamal Martin – Buffalo Bills (LB)

#240 Joe Reed – Houston Texans (WR)

#241 Darrion Daniels – New England Patriots (IDL)

#242 Jeff Thomas – Green Bay Packers (WR)

#243 Kendrick Rogers – Tennessee Titans (WR)

#244 Carter Coughlin – Cleveland Browns (EDGE)

#245 Jared Hilbers – San Francisco 49ers (IOL)

#246 Shyheim Carter – Miami Dolphins (S)

#247 Jake Luton – New York Giants (QB)

#248 Grayland Arnold – Houston Texans (CB)

#249 David Dowell – Minnesota Vikings (S)

#250 Rico Dowdle – Houstonn Texans (RB)

#251 Lavert Hill – Miami Dolphins (CB)

#252 Dezmon Patmon – Denver Broncos (WR)

#253 Quez Watkins – Minnesota Vikings (WR)

#254 John Peneisini – Denver Broncos (IDL)

#255 Scott Frantz – New York Giants (OT)






NFL 100: Super Bowl LIV

Super Bowl Sunday is here!

The best rushing team goes up against the best passing attack on the big stage in Miami. We’re set up for a great Super Bowl between two franchises that haven’t won a Super Bowl in over 25 years.

Jimmy Garoppolo and the 49ers shocked the world going from 4-12 drafting the no. 2 pick last draft, while the Chiefs nearly lost their franchise quarterback who came back from a knee injury and led them to the Super Bowl.

Two great teams go head to head in what should be an action-packed Super Bowl.

Kansas City Chiefs 34, San Francisco 49ers 31

Although the 49ers defense was great throughout the regular season, it should be a high scoring game. Patrick Mahomes is a special type of quarterback that’s extremely difficult to slow down, and the 49ers had a fantastic run game that helps ease Jimmy Garoppolo. It’s going to be close, but the better quarterback gets the advantage. Mahomes has proven that you can never count him out, and if it wasn’t for a poor offsides mistake by Dee Ford in the AFC Championship Game, the Chiefs may have been in the Super Bowl last season as well. George Kittle might have a hard time getting open, as the Chiefs’ safety tandem has been incredible. As long as they can pressure Garoppolo, the Chiefs have a real good shot at winning this game. The great Patrick Mahomes will get his first Super Bowl ring.


NFL 100: Championship Weekend

Most NFL fans probably wouldn’t have guessed the championship games this week if you asked at the beginning of the playoffs. But what matters is who gets hot at the right time.

Only one quarterback has ever won a Super Bowl out of the four remaining with Aaron Rodgers. Only one team has won a Super Bowl in the 21st century, so there are some new teams with new opportunities tomorrow.

Last week had quite a few blowouts with the exception of the Packers/Seahawks game, so these teams have certainly proved they deserve to play this weekend.

Kansas City Chiefs 31, Tennessee Titans 24

Unfortunately, the magic is bound to run out for the Titans. As well as they’re playing, their offense is relying completely on the run game. That’s not to say that Ryan Tannehill can’t play under pressure, but he hasn’t been utilized enough the past two games as a passer. As good as the Titans defense has been, Patrick Mahomes is a completely different animal. He’s extremely difficult to stop with the talent he has around him. Unless there’s some kind of miracle, Mahomes will make his Super Bowl debut in two weeks.

Green Bay Packers 27, San Francisco 49ers 20

It would’ve been nice to see the 49ers back in the Super Bowl, but this Super Bowl has this feeling of the most talented older quarterback versus the most talented young quarterback. Early in the season, the two teams played, but Mahomes was out after suffering an injury. As dominant as the 49ers have been, their defense has been inconsistent down the stretch. While the Packers have also been inconsistent, they have a strong run game and quarterback who can turn it up a notch at any point. Jimmy Garoppolo also didn’t look great last week despite the big win.

Super Bowl LIV: Kansas City Chiefs vs. Green Bay Packers


NFL 100: Divisional Weekend

Last weekend, we experienced one of the craziest Wild Card Weekends in NFL history. DeShaun Watson made one of the most incredible plays to come back from a 16-0 deficit and beat the Bills. A Titans defense that wasn’t talked about nearly enough held the Patriots to 13 points in Foxboro and potentially put the end to a dynasty.

Then you look at the NFC, where Kirk Cousins put came into the Superdome and ended the Saints’ Super Bowl hopes with a deep ball to Adam Thielen in overtime followed by a game-winning touchdown to Kyle Rudolph. Finally, the Eagles’ playoff hopes were crushed as Carson Wentz left early in the game, and couldn’t recuperate as they fell 17-9 at home.

Wild Card Weekend showed that anything is possible, which makes this weekend much more exciting. But, how do these Wild Card teams fare against some of the NFL’s best?

San Francisco 49ers 21, Minnesota Vikings 13

This game can go either way with how both of these teams played this season. However, the 49ers have looked like the better team, especially when it matters. While the 49ers are built on the run game, Jimmy Garoppolo can air it out when needed. With the speed the 49ers have on offense, they should be able to spread the football across the field. San Francisco has been inconsistent on defense towards the end of the season, but the focus is going to be on stopping Dalvin Cook. With a defense like this focusing on a key player, they should do a good job of stopping the run. Both teams will struggle offensively, and it will definitely be a defensive game, but the more consistent team wins.

Baltimore Ravens 27, Tennessee Titans 17

Tennessee looks like a team that could shock the world and makes a run to the Super Bowl. But, when you look at everything the Titans do well, the Ravens are great at stopping those things. The Ravens are going to play aggressive and attack whoever has the ball and is certainly going to bring the pressure to Tannehill. If the Titans have any chance of winning this game, Tannehill can’t turn the ball over. Unfortunately, this Ravens team does such an excellent job of forcing turnovers, which gives them an edge to win this one.

Kansas City Chiefs 34, Houston Texans 26

Early in this season, the Texans defeated the Chiefs 31-24. In that game, the Chiefs couldn’t stop the run. Carlos Hyde rushed for over 100 yards and DeShaun Watson averaged 4.2 yards per carry on 10 rushes. The last time a player rushed for over 100 yards on the Chiefs was December 1st, as Josh Jacobs rushed for 104 yards. They held solid rush attacks to minimal yardage, which contributed to a strong finish to the season. When they stop the run, the Chiefs are really good, which will be a goal of this game. The Texans have felt very mediocre at times, including last week. It will be a shoot out, but the Chiefs are too explosive to stop at this point in the season.

Green Bay Packers 31, Seattle Seahawks 23

When you watch both of these teams throughout the season, Seattle has looked like the superior team all season. When you look at the last month of the season, the Seahawks didn’t look good. They got punched in the stomach by the Rams, nearly blew a big lead against the Panthers, lost to a Cardinals team that missed Kyler Murray a lot of the game and lost the biggest game of the season with the division on the line. Since Chris Carson got hurt, this run game is hurting. While it didn’t look perfect for Green Bay to end the season, they’ve won their last five. If they can run the ball consistently and Aaron Rodgers makes enough plays, they shouldn’t have too tough of a time winning this game.

NFL 100: Wild Card Weekend

The playoffs are finally here, and we’re in for a wild ride. While there are some experienced quarterbacks returning to the playoffs, there’s plenty of young quarterbacks making appearances in the playoffs.

In 2019, there really wasn’t a large gap between the best playoff teams to the Wild Card teams. In Week 17, there was a matchup where the winner would become the #1 seed and the loser would drop to the #5 seed.

Seeing how good these teams are, we should be in for a treat with plenty of good matchups to start off the playoffs.

Buffalo Bills 23, Houston Texans 17

What have the Texans done to convince anyone they’re for real? Out of all the playoff teams, they might be the most inconsistent. The Bills are the perfect matchup to shake things up for the home team. Josh Allen has progressively improved all season, and the run game has continued to become a big part of the offense. Add that to a really good defense, and they’re on upset alert. Bills’ defense gives Watson a really hard time, and the Bills make enough plays to pull out their first playoff win since 1995.

Tennessee Titans 24, New England Patriots 21

For the first time since 2009, the New England Patriots will play during Wild Card Weekend. Unfortunately, things won’t go well for them. Unless they make significant improvements on offense, this team has no shot of winning anything. The Titans, on the other hand, are playing some of the best football out of AFC teams. With Ryan Tannehill playing his best football and Derrick Henry leading the NFL in rushing yards, they’re dynamic on offense and can put up points. As good as the Patriots defense has been, they won’t be able to win this game for them.

New Orleans Saints 28, Minnesota Vikings 20

The rematch of the NFC Divisional Round in 2018, when Stefon Diggs made a miraculous catch to send the Vikings to the NFC Championship Game. New Orleans didn’t forget about that, and they’ll get their revenge. While the Vikings looked really good at times, they also looked really lost at other times. Kirk Cousins on the road against a good New Orleans defense doesn’t sound too convincing of a win. The Vikings pass defense has struggled, which is where the Saints will target. Drew Brees adds another playoff win to the list.

Seattle Seahawks 20, Philadelphia Eagles 17

Surprisingly, this game will be much closer than it should be. The Eagles have been dealing with injuries all season and won the NFC East with a disappointing 9-7 record. However, the Eagles defense has improved greatly, while the Seahawks have struggled recently all over. It should be a close game, but you have to trust the MVP in Russell Wilson to come up with the road win. Carson Wentz’s struggles appear, and keep his team close enough, but doesn’t get them over the hump to win.


NFL 100: Week Seventeen

With Week 17 here, there are still many scenarios for teams to make their way into the playoffs, along with the seeding of it.

As for the NFC, all the teams are set in the playoffs except the NFC East, and the Seahawks-49ers game on Sunday Night Football will determine the NFC West.

As for the AFC, the second seed hasn’t been determined, and the sixth seed is still up for grabs. However, a Titans win would clinch the sixth seed.

Congratulations to those who won their fantasy football leagues, and I apologize to everyone who started Mike Boone. I also lost a league for putting too much confidence in Boone.

So with fantasy football over, let’s focus on the final week of the 2019 NFL season.

Cleveland Browns 30, Cincinnati Bengals 20

The Browns haven’t convinced anyone they’re a good football team, so the Bengals can certainly hang tight in this game. However, the Browns still have an explosive offense that shouldn’t have a problem moving the football against this defense. Baker Mayfield should have a clean game, but Nick Chubb should see a lot of touches in a victory in the season finale. But, will it be enough to save Freddie Kitchens’s job?

New England Patriots 34, Miami Dolphins 13

A win for the Patriots would seal the #2 seed in the AFC, and the Patriots should have this one in the books. They’re finally finding their rhythm in the run game, so there should be a ton of carries for Sony Michel and James White. A turnover-prone Ryan Fitzpatrick should also give the Patriots defense an opportunity to create turnovers, and possibly put points on the board. The Patriots should be able to slide their way right into the #2 seed.

Chicago Bears 17, Minnesota Vikings 13

Considering the Vikings have locked up the sixth seed, they’re likely to start many starters this Sunday. As for the Bears, this team has a lot to play for. They’re one of the teams that aren’t talked about enough as a huge disappointment. Mitch Trubisky took a tremendous step backward, which might lead the Bears to move forward from Trubisky. They’ll get themselves their last victory, but Trubisky won’t play well enough to solidify his future in Chicago.

Kansas City Chiefs 28, Los Angeles Chargers 17

It could be the end of an era for the Chargers, as this could be Philip Rivers’ final game as a Charger. His frustration with the struggles might lead him to play elsewhere next season, and a loss to a divisional opponent to finish the season won’t help sway him a bit. The Chiefs need some help to lock up the #2 seed, but they won’t be able to get to that point. Kansas City puts up an impressive performance, but ultimately it won’t be enough to give them the next week off.

Buffalo Bills 27, New York Jets 10

The Bills have nothing to play for, yet it seems everything points in the direction for their starters to play. They have their ticket for the playoffs, but we’re going to assume they’re going to keep playing to prepare for the first round of the playoffs. Buffalo’s defense should lock up the Jets defense, and Josh Allen looks much better than from the beginning of the season. The Bills end the season with a blowout.

Green Bay Packers 38, Detroit Lions 17

Somehow, the Packers can actually clinch the no. 2 seed in the NFC. With a Lions team without Matthew Stafford, it shouldn’t be a problem taking this game. Aaron Rodgers should have an opportunity to spread the field and take some risks against a bottom-end defense, while Aaron Jones should also have a chance to rack up a lot of yards against one of the worst run defenses. A win and they take the next week off.

New Orleans Saints 42, Carolina Panthers 6

Last week, Will Grier was awful for the Panthers. Against a better defense, he should continue to struggle. The Saints need some help in order to get the no. 2 seed, and it seems unlikely with the Packers playing the Lions. This team should still find success on both sides of the ball, as the Panthers have had their fair share of struggles. Despite missing out on a bye week, they’re still able to score over 40 points heading into the playoffs.

Atlanta Falcons 28, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 21

Considering the Buccaneers have struggled due to the poor play of Jameis Winston, don’t trust him to pull a win against a Falcons team that has played really good football of late. Matt Ryan is playing well, but this defense is playing especially well. With a defense that’s improving, they should be able to get some takeaways against a struggling Winston. They’re able to prove even more so why Dan Quinn deserves to return.

New York Giants 23, Philadelphia Eagles 20

That’s right, the Giants are playing spoiler. The NFC East has been an absolute disaster, so it makes all the sense in the world that the NFC East would finish in a weird way. With Zach Ertz out, the Eagles are going to struggle without their top weapon. While Dallas Goedert should still see a ton of targets, it will help the Giants’ defensive gameplan to not have to plan for Ertz. Aldrick Rosas will finish the Eagles season, maybe.

Tennessee Titans 28, Houston Texans 20

Both teams have something to play for, but the Titans need a victory to make theirs into the playoffs. However, the Texans can clinch the no. 3 seed with some help. The trust for the Texans isn’t there with how they’ve played against certain teams, where the Titans have looked consistent since Ryan Tannehill has taken over. With Tannehill at quarterback, this Titans team is extremely hard to beat, and they deserve every little bit of the playoffs.

Dallas Cowboys 27, Washington Redskins 17

In the worst possible way, the Cowboys will clinch the NFC East. Jason Garrett lives to see another week, as the Eagles collapse and the Cowboys are able to pull out a win against the Redskins. The Redskins are already missing Terry McLaurin, Dwayne Haskins, and Landon Collins, which takes away some of their best weapons. Dallas is missing some guys as well, but they’re healthy enough to grab the win and sneak their way into the playoffs.

Pittsburgh Steelers 13, Baltimore Ravens 12

With the Ravens sitting a ton of stars, the Steelers have a chance to keep their playoff hopes alive with a win. For the second year in a row, the Steelers will be looking at the scoreboard to see if one of the other scenarios to enter the playoffs. Robert Griffin III will truly struggle against a really good Steelers defense, which has carried them all season. As much of a surprise as this Steelers team has been, they will miss the playoffs for the second year in a row.

Indianapolis Colts 24, Jacksonville Jaguars 17

Both teams are eliminated from playoff contention, however, both quarterbacks have something to play for. Jacoby Brissett has been inconsistent all season, while Gardner Minshew looks to show off one last time as the starting quarterback of the Jaguars. Brissett should play well enough to push the Colts over the top, with a strong defensive performance.

Denver Broncos 26, Oakland Raiders 13

This will be the final game for the Raiders as the Oakland Raiders, and the Broncos are here to play spoiler. Since Drew Lock took over as the Broncos quarterback, this team has improved greatly. Add that to a defense that has been rock solid against a Raiders offense that has been iffy. The era of the Oakland Raiders ends, as the era of Drew Lock begins.

Arizona Cardinals 28, Los Angeles Rams 25

With the way the Rams season has played out, it would be the perfect ending to see the Cardinals upset the Rams. The Rams have had their chances to grab a Wild Card spot, but have failed to win certain games. Without Jalen Ramsey on Sunday, that makes this game even tougher to win. Kyler Murray has played well for a bad team but will get his signature win against the former NFC Champions.

Seattle Seahawks 35, San Francisco 49ers 28

The battle of the NFC West comes down to this. Both teams have an even chance to control their own destiny throughout the playoffs, but only one will survive. Seattle plays at home with the more explosive offense, while the 49ers strength, defense, has struggled. This is the opportunity for Russell Wilson to showcase why he was considered an MVP candidate, and he gets a huge win on the biggest stage. Some help from Marshawn Lynch back will add to the Seahawks playoff push.


NFL 100: Week Sixteen

We’re almost there at the end of the season, and there’s a lot to play for in Week 16. Almost any team leading their division can clinch at least a playoff berth this weekend, so there’s a lot at stake.

With a Saturday slate of games, NFL fans will have plenty of meaningful football to watch, so there will be nail biters all throughout the weekend.

As for fantasy owners, it’s championship weekend. If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! We have a lot of great matchups for you to choose to earn your money in your league.

Buckle down, because this week is going to get crazy.

Houston Texans 35, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24

If the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had Mike Evans and Chris Godwin in this game, there’s a good chance they can pull off the upset. Without them, expect some turnovers from Jameis Winston in forced coverages. DeShaun Watson is set up for a big game against an awful Buccaneers secondary, but will also have to fight the battle of staying on his feet against their dominant defensive line. They’re still able to put this game out of reach and grab a win.

Must Start: Will Fuller

Must Sit: Carlos Hyde

Fuller’s touches are inconsistent, but this matchup calls for a big game for him. Expect him to see a ton of targets.

Hyde goes against a really good run defense, and besides, you shouldn’t even be in the championship if you’ve been starting him.

New England Patriots 16, Buffalo Bills 9

If the Bills really want the respect they’ve deserved, they need to win this game. While the chances are slim to none of the Bills winning the division, a late win in Foxboro against a tough divisional opponent would be a huge win for the Bills. Unfortunately, I don’t trust Josh Allen to take over this game. The Patriots secondary is really good, which could force some problems for Allen in the passing game. They’ll battle in the trenches, but the Patriots offense at least makes their way into field goal range enough times.

Must Start: Devin Singletary

Must Sit: Josh Allen

Ideally, no one is a good start in this one. The one weakness in the Patriots defense is their run defense, so Singletary could find himself a heavy workload.

Allen has been really good in fantasy this season, but I expect the Patriots defense to do a great job of keeping him in the pocket.

San Francisco 49ers 30, Los Angeles Rams 20

Last week was kind of shocking for both teams. The 49ers lost at the last second to a losing Falcons team, and the Rams got absolutely crushed by an inconsistent Cowboys team. The Rams’ playoff hopes are dying, while the Seahawks are fighting to win the NFC West. They’re ability to effectively run the ball but also throw for a shoot out when needed helps them in this one. After last week’s performance, the Rams are motivated enough to clean up their act, but not enough to pull it together to beat a really good football team.

Must Start: Raheem Mostert

Must Sit: Todd Gurley

The Rams just gave up 2 100-yard rushers last week, so the 49ers will certainly try running the ball a fair amount this week.

Gurley probably won’t have a lot of success against this defense, as they know that’s the key to the Rams’ ability to win.

Cincinnati Bengals 23, Miami Dolphins 17

Somehow, the Bengals haven’t been awful on defense. They actually fared really well against the Patriots but made too many mistakes offensively. This matchup feels like the Bengals need another win in 2019, and the Dolphins need another loss to help their draft pick. Ryan Fitzpatrick struggles against a decent secondary, and the run game never gets going. Zac Taylor gets his second career win.

Must Start: Bengals Defense

Must Sit: Ryan Fitzpatrick

Like I said, the Bengals defense is better than you may think. Expect Fitzpatrick to force some throws into good coverages.

And because he will do that, Fitzpatrick won’t have much success from a fantasy standpoint. The matchup is intriguing, but don’t let the Bengals fool you.

New York Jets 20, Pittsburgh Steelers 10

Le’Veon Bell may actually get the last laugh, as he contributes to upset the Steelers at home. Of course, this is the first time Bell will go up against his former team, and he has a chance to pull off a big win. The Jets aren’t as bad as they look, and they’re certainly good enough to beat a Steelers team with an atrocious offense. That will be the turning point, as Sam Darnold has one of his most impressive games, and gives the Jets an opportunity to win.

Must Start: Jamison Crowder

Must Sit: Le’Veon Bell

If Crowder has been in your starting lineup all year, you may as well leave him in unless you have a better option. He tends to surprise when you least expect it.

Mike Tomlin will probably do everything in his power to slow down Le’Veon Bell, and that will be even easier considering Adam Gase has failed him all season.

Washington Redskins 27, New York Giants 20

Eli Manning will not play this game, so it’s back to Daniel Jones. Dwayne Haskins played really well this week, and I expect him to play well and get a win this week. It seemed like he was figuring things out last week, and could use what he learned and apply it to next week. With Daniel Jones playing, I believe the turnovers continue. He really hasn’t proved much in his rookie season. Also, it would be pretty fun to see Haskins outplay the quarterback drafted over him.

Must Start: Terry McLaurin

Must Sit: Daniel Jones

McLaurin had a big game last week, and there’s no reason why he can’t have another. Haskins is connecting with him, which is a good sign for fantasy purposes.

Jones has a good matchup but has been really inconsistent. There are better quarterbacks to play.

Indianapolis Colts 27, Carolina Panthers 20

Both of these teams had a great chance to make the playoffs mid-way through the season, but both teams completely fell apart. I don’t know how much I trust Will Grier to come out and play good football in his first appearance, while I could see Brissett putting his struggles aside and playing a nice game. Panthers losing streak continues, as they try to figure out their quarterback situation for next season.

Must Start: T.Y. Hilton

Must Sit: Curtis Samuel

Depending on your options, it might be worth starting T.Y. Hilton this week. He has a really good matchup and has preached he’s there top play 16 games.

Samuel’s inconsistencies mixed with Will Grier to make for an ugly play. It’s not worth starting him.

Baltimore Ravens 31, Cleveland Browns 17

Most people thought at this point the Cleveland Browns would be playing to win the division, rather than being 6-8. Well, things don’t get any better as they drop this one to the Browns. The team is frustrated, Baker Mayfield looks awful, and nothing seems to go there way. On the other side, the Ravens are having fun playing great football, as they continue to win to make a fight for a bye week.

Must Start: Mark Ingram

Must Sit: Odell Beckham Jr.

Ingram looks better and better in fantasy and should see a lot of touches this week against an average run defense.

Odell Beckham Jr. has been one of the biggest fantasy busts, so congrats if you even made it this far with him. A bad matchup should keep him on the bench.

Atlanta Falcons 31, Jacksonville Jaguars 23

A garbage game with two teams that underachieved all season. However, the Falcons seem to still be fighting for Dan Quinn’s job. And they’re playing really well, despite all the injuries. This Falcons offense is high powered, and the Jaguars defense doesn’t have that same strong defense that it did two years ago. Matt Ryan has a huge game and the Jaguars drop another.

Must Start: Matt Ryan

Must Sit: Dede Westbrook

Ryan is playing good football, and he hasn’t slowed down despite the team being out of playoff contention for some time.

Good matchup, but this team is so inconsistent that it’s not worth trying to play Dede Westbrook.

New Orleans Saints 27, Tennessee Titans 20

This is actually an intriguing matchup. The Saints are playing good football, and the Titans look fantastic. At this time, the Titans are playing for their playoff lives to try and stay afloat. Unfortunately, they’re not there yet. Derrick Henry has a really difficult matchup against this run defense, and this secondary is pretty solid as well. Things remain close, but the Saints are able to stay on top.

Must Start: Ryan Tannehill

Must Sit: Alvin Kamara

Tannehill has proven these last few weeks that he is a really good fantasy quarterback, and it’s not worth taking him out now because of the matchup.

Kamara has been a huge fantasy disappointment, and with some injuries, there are probably much better options on the waiver wire.

Los Angeles Chargers 28, Oakland Raiders 17

After last week’s collapse for the Raiders, nothing looks right for them. They lost their final game in Oakland in miserable fashion, and now have to play two more games on the road. When things go wrong, everything goes wrong. For the Chargers, they really need some morale boost with the way this season’s played out. Expect them to grab a divisional win this week.

Must Start: DeAndre Washington

Must Sit: Raiders Defense

DeAndre Washington is a great play with Josh Jacobs out, especially in PPR leagues. His ability to catch the football gives him an extra boost.

Raiders’ defense has been decent in fantasy, and the last matchup between these two teams would give some hope to fantasy owners. Don’t take the risk.

Denver Broncos 34, Detroit Lions 13

This Broncos team has some real potential in the future. Drew Lock can be a really good quarterback, and this offense has some weapons that could allow them to win. If this defense can stay sharp, they will be a contender within the next few seasons. The Lions look awful, and David Blough hasn’t looked sharp since his first appearance on Thanksgiving. He’s going to struggle against a really good defense, while Lock has a really good game.

Must Start: Courtland Sutton

Must Sit: Kenny Golladay

Sutton has been terrific all season, and expect the Broncos to try and get him away from Darius Slay to get open.

Golladay struggles against top cornerbacks, and nothing should change against Chris Harris.

Seattle Seahawks 38, Arizona Cardinals 28

Most people look at a game like this and think it will be a blowout, but it can actually be a shoot out. The Cardinals offense has been good, it’s the defense that has played really poorly. Well, the same thing exists for the Seahawks. This Seattle team needs the offense to really pull them throughout the playoffs. It will be a high scoring game, but this non-existent Cardinals defense will have no answers for the Seahawks.

Must Start: DK Metcalf

Must Start: Larry Fitzgerald

Metcalf continues to get targets, and he should end up in the endzone against this really poor secondary.

Fitzgerald has a good matchup, but he has a really low floor which makes it tough to start. With only one game over 20 points, it’s best to bench him.

Dallas Cowboys 24, Philadelphia Eagles 17

The only thing that may keep this game close, is the fact that Dak Prescott is banged up. Besides that, the Cowboys are the much superior team. While Carson Wentz has played well the last two weeks, it was against the Giants and Redskins. You don’t want to downplay performances because of the team, but it’s nothing something to go crazy over. The Eagles are going to do everything in their power to shut down Ezekiel Elliott, as he’s had a ton of success against this team. Kellen Moore will have to get creative and use him more in the passing game and bring on Tony Pollard. Despite the struggles, the Cowboys win the NFC East.

Must Start: Amari Cooper

Must Sit: Miles Sanders

Amari Cooper has struggled of late, but he’s been fantastic in every performance against the Eagles. Don’t be tested by his recent performances.

Sanders is projected a lot of points, but the Cowboys run defense looked great last week like it did in the first matchup. Sanders might look good on paper, but is a risky play.

Kansas City Chiefs 30, Chicago Bears 16

Granted, there weren’t many other options considering the best games are played on Saturday, but this is an awful Sunday Night Football game. If the Bears pull the upset it would hurt the Chiefs seeding potentially, but that’s about it. Patrick Mahomes is still really good and should have no problem against a really good Bears defense. Trubisky is playing better, but not good enough to pull this upset.

Must Start: Tyreek Hill

Must Sit: David Montgomery

Hill has a tough matchup, but as long as Patrick Mahomes is still playing, Hill should be in your fantasy lineup.

Montgomery has a good matchup, as he’s had many all season. Unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped him from underachieving.

Minnesota Vikings 28, Green Bay Packers 24

With a win on Monday Night Football, the Vikings can clinch a playoff berth. Unfortunately, this game doesn’t mean much for the division. While a Vikings win over the Packers would be great, they would still need the Packers to lose the following week to the Lions. Aaron Rodgers has struggled of late, while the Vikings are playing really good football. Adam Thielen back, makes this team even more difficult to stop. Vikings pull the upset and punch their way into the playoffs.

Must Start: Mike Boone

Must Sit: Aaron Jones

With Dalvin Cook out and potentially Alexander Mattison as well, Boone could put up some pretty big numbers. He would have the backfield to himself, against a really bad run defense.

Aaron Jones on the other side has a really tough matchup against a really good run defense. In this one, he’s going to be touchdown-dependent.